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28 June 2022

Why organizing trips in England is a valuable opportunity for teachers and students

It has become common knowledge that sending students to a summer school in England has many important benefits not only for the students studying abroad, but also for the teachers organizing the trips.

First of all, this allows students to learn or improve their English skills, therefore boosting both their confidence for future career prospects and their wider personal development, and teachers to develop professionally. By being exposed to cultures and experiences that they wouldn’t usually have access to, this provides both students and teachers a valuable cultural experience, allowing both teachers and students to develop an open mind, a wider understanding of the world and visit the cities and historic landmarks that are key locations in the country they are studying in.

School trips in England are also a very good way for students to push their skills to the limit and achieve the maximum of their potential, as well as allowing them to test their foreign language skills with native speakers in real-time, real-life scenarios. However, this is not restricted to language students alone. Even if you’re a teacher organizing the trip for your students and travelling with them to England, this allows you to master your English language too, develop professionally in your role and boost your student’s engagement towards the language.

Of course, as mentioned, study trips in England allow for a unique cultural experience because by living with a local family you and your students develop your spoken English by learning all the idioms and slang that are used in daily conversations situations (but that are not always included in the text book) and gain an insight into the local cultural and lifestyle of the people around you, as well as have the opportunity to develop a cosmopolitan mindset. Last not but not least, the immersive experience into the local culture definitely improves your confidence in your own abilities and gives real progress in the language skills.

Taking part in these types of trips is also a real opportunity to gain important life skills, like independence, leadership, problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to different situations and lifestyles, grow as a person, boost your motivation, expand your horizons on an international level, feel inspired, increase your creativity and, of course, significantly improve your communication skills. Indeed, summer trips abroad give your students lots of practice at communicating with different people in a second language and the confidence they need to stand out in a conversation, whether it is in interviews for higher education or at work, where it will be obvious to who is talking to them that they are comfortable in communicating with a wide range of people.

Therefore, by taking part in a study abroad school trip, teachers and students develop their skills in the English language, especially their communication skills, and their vocabulary, gain an increased understanding of the structure of the language, immerse themselves into the culture and customs of the locals while discovering more about what makes the culture they experience unique, develop personal and life skills useful for their future academic or professional careers and, last but not least, master the language with ease.

Posted by Regent Marketing on 28 Jun 2022

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