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2 November 2016

Study Skills - Keep a learning diary

Keeping a learning diary is a simple but effective way to ensure you get the most out of each lesson.

A learning diary is a written record of each day's learning and can boost your achievement in a number of ways. Before we discuss the benefits, it's important to understand the best way to keep a learning diary so you can make this exercise as effective as possible.

How to keep a learning diary:

  • Choose how you'd like to record your diary. You can use pen and paper in a notebook or use an online journal like Penzu or
  • Make sure you record your thoughts straight after your lesson so your memories are still fresh
  • When you write your diary you should try to capture the most important things discussed in your lesson. To help you get started you can consider these questions:

                 - What did you cover in your lesson?

                 - How does it link to your other lessons?

                 - What was the lesson like? Was it easy? Hard? Enjoyable? Why?

                 - How can you use the lesson to develop your knowledge of English, and take your learning further?

Why keep a learning diary?

Your learning diary will allow you to review your lesson, reminding you of the new concepts and vocabulary you've focused on. Writing these key ideas and concepts down will help them stay in your long term memory.

You'll also start to see links and connections with concepts you already know that have been discussed in past lessons. It can be easy to miss these links during the lesson, so taking the time to write down what you've learnt can help you make connections and build your understanding.

You'll have access to your own personalised revision tool. You might find it useful to review your previous lesson before your next lesson to make sure you're familiar with the content, ensuring you're ready to build on that knowledge. Your learning diary can also help you form the basis of any in-depth revision you need to undertake for a test or exam.

It will help you take responsibility for your learning and personal growth. This is something we've discussed in detail before, so to find out more about the benefits of taking responsibility for your learning, click here.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 2 Nov 2016

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