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14 April 2015

Regent IATEFL scholarship

The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) recently held their annual conference in Manchester. Each year Regent gives an English teacher the chance to win a scholarships to the conference.  Above shows Regent Director of Education Geoff Hardy-Gould with this year's winner. 

Regent has been providing IATEFL scholarship for a number of years as a way to give back to the EFL community by proving the means to enable a practising teacher of adults or young learners to lead a talk or workshop for the first time at the IATEFL Annual Conference.

Sagun Shrestha from Nepal won the 2015 Regent scholarship and presented his talk at IATEFL Manchester on: 'Creating intercultural ambassadors through English in Nepal: a case study'. Each applicant was asked to prepare a speaker proposal on a subject of their choice and also a statement detailing how the applicant had incorporated a high level of challange  for their students through their teaching, and how they helped their students exceed their goals. 

His presentation overview stated: 'English has recently become the best vehicle in Nepali classrooms to embody intercultural harmony. Since the English language brings global awareness to the decrepit classrooms of Nepal, it has helped Nepali children learn the culture of civil society. I will explore these realities vis-a-vis the US State Department sponsored 'Access' program implemented by Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA).

To see an interview with Sagun and some of his colleagues, click here:

Sagun Shrestha also visited our Regent London school to observe lessons and to discuss and share ideas on teaching methods and resources.  We wish Sagun and the Nepali teachers association all the best in their efforts to develop English language teaching in Nepal. 

Sagun Shrestha with Academic Manager Sam Turner and Diego Amaya.

The Regent IATEFL scholarship will also be available in 2016, details for how to apply, please visit the IATEFL website:



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