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13 September 2017

Specialist summer courses at Regent Oxford

Each summer Regent Oxford runs a range of specialist courses designed for students with very specific goals. This summer’s successful courses included our Teacher Training Programme and our Arts, Literature and Culture course.

Teacher trainers

Regent Oxford had the pleasure of hosting a group of English teachers from France on a special Teacher Training course in Literature, Methodology and Culture. We created a course designed to meet the unique needs of this closed group, watch the video below to find out what they thought of their course.

Arts, Literature & Culture

This course is designed for high level learners looking for a unique challenge. By the end of the course students develop and consolidate their knowledge of English arts, literature and culture. They improve their critical awareness of selected material enabling them to discuss and debate topics with confidence. The group we taught this summer left with an even greater passion for English and the classical arts.

If you're interested in joinging one of our specialist courses or if you're part of a group looking for a closed group course to meet a unique set of needs, please get in touch with the school. Call: +44 (0) 1865 515 566 or email

Posted by Kelly Knight on 13 Sep 2017

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