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22 March 2018

Morning plenaries - Learning outside the classroom

Each morning we start the day with a whole school plenary, a talk given by teachers, students and guest speakers on a topic of their choice. Speakers usually reflect on their culture, learning goals or an area of special interest, sharing their unique knowledge and expertise. We encourage all students to give at least one plenary during their time with us, giving them a clear goal and something they work hard to achieve.

Each plenary gives students an insight into a new topic, expanding their knowledge and understanding of other people, cultures and ideas. This knowledge is essential for our students to use English successfully in their future lives. When we ask a student to give a plenary we give them a sense of responsibility, a fixed and measurable goal and a huge sense of accomplishment once they deliver their plenary. For many students, preparing their plenary is an exercise in self-exploration and confidence building, something which is given a special focus throughout the course in weekly 1:1 coaching, Confident Spoken Performance sessions and out of class cultural activities. Take a look below for some recent plenaries given in our schools:

Regent Oxford:

In this plenary students scanned QR codes to discover sculptures by artist Lorenzo Quinn. One of his sculptures, Leap of Faith, shows the past as stone, the present as wood and the future as a glass, waiting to be filled. So, the students filled our own large glass with their hopes for the future! Click here to find out more.

Regent Cambridge:

Batool spent 5 happy months at Regent Cambridge pushing herself every day to develop her language skills. She impressed everyone in the school with her positive attitude, no matter what challenges she faced. In her last week at Regent Cambridge, Batool shared her personal philosophy with us which is centred on surrounding herself with happiness: both her own and other people's.

Regent London:

Plenaries are a great way to explore the ways in which we use English and the quirks of our Language. Regent London recently delivered a plenary looking at the word 'mind' . A simple word, with multiple useful uses!  We've included just a few below:

  • remind me to get some milk
  • he's out of his mind!
  • do you mind if I answer this call? 
  • mind out!! 
  • sorry.. I have a lot on my mind
  • I need a child minder
  • I'm so absent-minded

Regent Brighton:

Brighton have had a diverse range of plenaries given by students and the school Academic Manager Philip on subjects including trailwalking, Argentinian geogrpahy and culture and one student's job as an agronomist!

Regent Edinburgh

Daniel gave a fascinating plenary about La Movida Madrileña, a countercultural movement in Spain. Music is stongly associated with this movement and now everyone has a lot of new music to listen to! Click here to find out more.

Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth

Teacher Trevor discussed some of Britain's great mysteries, including our national symbol, the lion, and prehistoric monument, Stonehenge. Click here for more.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 22 Mar 2018

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