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29 June 2015

Mind, body and wellbeing at Regent Brighton

On June 19th, Regent Brighton hosted a mind, body and wellbeing day. We know that learning a new language can improve our memory and general wellbeing, but the team at Regent Brighton took some time to focus on improving the minds and bodies of their students.

Learning a new language is a fantastic and rewarding challenge but can be mentally exhausting and leave you feeling a bit worn out. When we are studying it is important to take time to consider our mental and physical wellbeing. To make good progress it is important to relax at regular intervals so that we are ready to learn when we go back to our studies. A focus on our physical health is important too. Making sure we stay fit and eat healthily promotes excellent physical and mental health.

Principal Gosia Stewart organised a range of activities including a lecture on healthy eating and interactive presentations on thinking tools and memory techniques, with Zumba and Yoga sessions in the afternoon. All our students enjoyed learning about how to take good care of their bodies and minds.  Have a look below at some pictures from the day:


Posted by Kelly Knight on 29 Jun 2015

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