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31 January 2017

TED talks at Regent Oxford

TED talks have a long history of delivering inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas and staff and students at Regent Oxford decided to follow in their footsteps.

Staff and students at Regent Oxford were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers, to encourage critical thinking and develop knowledge and understanding of a range of topics.

Some people find public speaking intimidating, and can be especially worrying if you're speaking in a non-native language. We helped our students to overcome their nerves and they delivered outstanding talks on some difficult and complex subjects. The supportive and friendly team in the school helped students build their confidence and focused on developing the essential skills for public speaking including voice quality, body language, posture and eye contact.

The importance of critical thinking

Critical thinking plays a vital role in our students' lives, and we focus on it in class. The ability to think critically allows our students to evaluate situations and ideas with a unique perspective and helps prepare them for their future lives, in a new job, in further education, or for continued personal development. Students who gave talks needed to consider their topic and presentation carefully, aiming for maximum interest and engagement. The planning stages of their talks gave students the opportunity to learn how to plan a successful speech with clarity and impact. 

Global knowledge

Our Knowledge for the Global Community session is at the heart of every Regent course, and aims to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through English. Our school events and activities aim to further develop the global knowledge gained in the classroom, and Regent Oxford's TED talks are no exception. Talks on the British class system, leadership and humour were all interesting topics that our students chose, and the student giving the talk brought his or her own knowledge and experiences to the subject, giving listeners an engaging talk, but also a unique perspective on the topic.


Take a look below at some pictures from the day:



Posted by Kelly Knight on 31 Jan 2017

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