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30 April 2019

Motivating and inspiring women

We are very excited to share that there is a new self-help book being published this month featuring an interview with the Regent Brighton Principal Gosia Stewart.

This motivational book aimed at females is entitled 'Popraw korone i idz po swoje' ('Go for it girl') and is written by Marzena Zulawnik. As the titles suggests, this book embraces subjects such as goal-setting, working hard, believing in yourself, unlocking your potential and overcoming fears. The Polish born author is setting up a new project where she motivates and inspires women to just 'go for it'. This book is just the beginning and will follow with a series of workshops around the UK, open to all Polish women who dream of achieving more.

When she first arrived in the UK, Marzena barely knew any English. She decided that she wanted to have a better life and so signed up to a college to learn the language. After much determination and hard work, she achieved the promotion at work she had been striving for. Marzena's approach to life is similar to the ethos embodied by Regent - believing that through hard work, focus and determination you can achieve just about anything.

In her interview Gosia talks a lot about her beginnings in the UK, her work at Regent and how she deals with overcoming fears. As Gosia says 'when you don't believe in yourself, it's hard to expect others to believe in you'.

'Go for it girl' is written in Polish but is currently being translated into English.

Posted by Andy Walsh on 30 Apr 2019

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