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16 March 2020

6 reasons to choose Homestay accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is an important part of any overseas study trip. Should you choose to stay in a student residence, perhaps it is better to rent an apartment for yourself or how about staying with a local homestay? We would always recommend staying with one of our wonderful hosts, and this is why...


1. You can perfect your language skills

Living with a host gives you the opportunity to practise all the language you learnt at school and more. In the evening you can relax and chat with them, your hosts might even teach you some idioms and slang that you won’t hear in the classroom.


2. You can immerse yourself in the culture

There is no better way to experience the local way of life than involving yourself in it as much as possible. By living like a local, you completely soak up the culture that is so famous around the world without even stepping out of the house.


3. No need to cook

After a day of learning and focusing on your studies coming home to a freshly cooked meal is wonderful. Students on our “Professionals and students’ courses” are part board (breakfast and evening meal) whilst our Juniors are full board (all meals provided). You can experience the real taste of Britain!


4. You can make international friends

If you are under the age of 18 you typically share a room with another student of a different nationality. This means that you walk to and from school with someone, there is someone in the house you can hang out with and you can also make a good friend for life. Students over 18 stay in single rooms but there are often other students (of a different nationality) in the house as well.


5. You have a family away from home

When you study abroad, you don’t just move from one place to another, you move from one lifestyle to another and this can be hard at times. Your homestay provider will be available for you whenever you need some help or support.


6. You make friends for life

Hosts and students often become good friends and some previous students here have kept in touch with their hosts for over 20 years!


Your host will welcome you into their family but there are some things you can do to make the most of your time in England:

  • Respect and be polite to your host family – their house is not a hotel!

  • Contact them before you arrive, tell them what foods you dislike or are allergic to

  • Socialize with your new family – don’t spend all your free time in your bedroom.

  • Bring a gift from your home country - your host family would love the thought behind a traditional gift

  • Communicate – if there are any problems make sure you talk to your host (or the school). Most problems can be solved very easily with good communication.


To find out more about hosts at Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth please click here!



Posted by Andy Walsh on 16 Mar 2020

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