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We offer specialist courses for individuals with a personal or professional need for Aviation English, Legal English, English for Leadership, Teacher Training and Arts, Literature and Culture.

Language Improvement for Aviation Professionals

For pilots, air traffic controllers and others involved in aeronautics we offer a Language Improvement for Aviation Professionals course at Regent LondonRegent Cambridge and Regent Oxford. This small group programme consists of 20 or 25 hours study per week, including 5 individual sessions a week to help you focus on your own set of specific needs. Morning lessons with no more than 5 other participants focus on linguistic areas such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills such as spoken communications skills, including clarity of speech. For participants studying for 25 hours per week there is one additional afternoon session focused on language analysis in a group of 12. All participants receive one 1:1 session focusing on the language for aviation, designed to your needs with your personal trainer. Through a combination of seminar style presentations, practical assignments and interactive tasks you develop your skills and confidence in English.  Start: Any Monday.

Our small class sizes ensures an intensive learning experience and a high level of trainer interaction. Each sessions employs real life case studies to build your knowledge in a professional context. We provide useful and constructive feedback through analysis of your spoken performance, helping you to develop clarity, confidence and accuracy.

For more information and to find out more about training for ICAO 4, please click here.


Legal English ClasSIX

This programme is held at Regent London and Regent Oxford.

Those who need English for law will find this course develops and enhances their knowledge of legal English through the use of authentic and engaging course content. The course uses legal case studies for the active scenario. Legal vocabulary is practised in the task knowledge session and includes civil law (including contract law), EC law and criminal law. The Knowledge for the Professional Community session builds interpersonal and intercultural soft skills. The course includes visits to courts in London. The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) can be taken if required.

2019 course dates and fees:

London - 2 week course: £1,372
7th - 20th July
11th - 24th August


Oxford - 2 week course: £1,294
21st July - 3rd August

We invite each student to take the The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) Higher and Advanced exams. These exams are designed to test language skills, knowledge of practical legal vocabulary and your attention to detail and grammatical accuracy. The exam is a recognised indication of legal English ability for lawyers and students of law. We prepare students of all levels for the TOLES Higher or Advanced exam depending on skill level. The TOLES exam is the perfect way to end your Legal English ClasSIX course. Regent London is a TOLES test centre  - each student can take their exam at Regent London saving time and money. 

TOLES exam date: 22nd August

TOLES exam fee: £113


Leadership & Management ClasSIX:

This programme is held exclusively at Regent Oxford.

This high level course is designed to enhance communicative skills, provide strategies for how to influence and empower others, and to develop a compelling vision lived by those around you. Case studies, and authentic situations are used to contextualise what is learnt. Participants are challenged to problem-solve a variety of common communication scenarios, including how to manage change, how to mediate effectively and how to establish a professional culture.

2019 course dates and fee:

Oxford - 2 week course: £1,294
7th - 20th July
4th - 17th August


Medical English

Running at Regent Brighton, this highly structured 4 week course provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use English effectively with patients and medical professionals in order to provide medical care. The course includes 25 hours of study per week, plus 1.5 hours of plenaries, workshops and a 1:1 coaching session. Click here to find out more.

2019 course dates and fee:

Brighton- 4 week course: £1,684
3rd - 30th March
5th May - 1st June
11th August - 7th September


Teacher Training

This course is designed for teachers of English: it explores current English language teaching (ELT) ideas and methodology. It also revisits practical ideas that may have fallen from fashion; the role of British Culture in the classroom and how to get the most from observations – both peer and top down. 

This two week course runs at Regent London and Regent Oxford and aims to advance both your English language skills and the pedagogy associated with teaching English internationally.

For more information and to find out about our CLIL and initial teacher training, click here.


Family Programme

This course runs at Regent Oxford and meets the needs of each family and its members, with various options to choose from. Students aged under 16 will study an intensive junior programme with a reputable Oxford summer schools, whilst adult students enjoy the sophisticated programmes on offer at Regent Oxford. 

• Course options tailored to each member of the family
• Families start and finish school at compatible times and are able to enjoy their afternoons and evenings together
• Regent provides excellent family accommodation, in carefully selected apartments close to the city centre and both schools
• It’s an intensive course for everybody, with 20 hours of lessons per week for adults and 15 hours of lessons for juniors

For more information about our Family Programme please click here.


Arts, Literature and Culture

This course runs at Regent Oxford and Regent Edinburgh and is designed for the sophisticated, intellectual student who has a passion for learning, already has a good level of English and would like a highly structured two week course.

This course includes 50 hours of tuition over a 10 day period. The course is divided into three main areas:
• Literature Analysis
• Writing Workshop
• Arts and Culture

By the end of the course students have developed and consolidated their knowledge of English arts, literature and culture. They improve their critical awareness of selected material enabling them to discuss and debate topics with confidence. Finally, they develop their ability to research, select and adapt useful materials and resources.

To find our more, please click here.


English with Rowing

This course is ideal for a group of ambitious learners looking for a training programme that combines rowing, language training and cultural immersion. This transformational group course is ideal for ambitious professionals looking for their next big challenge. Morning English classes focus on building English skills in a business environment. We help develop your confidence, skills and fluency through mini role plays, presentations and public speaking activities. Each week the course builds to a spoken performance task, encouraging rapid development of skills and confidence.

The afternoon sessions are designed to build cultural knowledge of Oxford or Cambridge. Explore the city by bicycle and experience everything that the city has to offer. Your programme can include college tours or trips to the city's famous museums. Afternoon rowing sessions can be tailored to your needs using our local contacts. Use the local university facilities to build teamworking skills and gain an authentic Oxbridge University rowing experience.

This is a group course for a minimum of 8 participants. Click here to find out more: Oxford or Cambridge.