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Your future studies in English

  • Prepare for university or college
  • Gain the IELTS exam score required
  • Develop confidence in speaking and writing
  • Structured 3, 6 or 9 month programme with individual coaching

Our Springboard for Academia course develops the skills required to be successful on any English-taught course. It is designed to prepare the participant to study anywhere in the world, by equipping them with the academic skills students require to participate successfully in English-medium higher education or vocational college courses.

Your goals are to: 

  • Gain the skills to give convincing presentations with fluency and confidence

  • Express your thoughts and opinions fluently

  • Develop the knowledge and confidence to produce essays and dissertations

  • Enhance the interpersonal skills to initiate and maintain conversations in a variety of social situations

  • Overcome the anxiety of facing the test through intensive exam practice and strategy outline.

How we help you: 

This course consists of 21 hours of group tuition plus two individual coaching sessions per week. 

IELTS achievement

Academic skills lessons and weekly assessment using past IELTS test papers ensures that learners can monitor their performance in each skill area, these lessons are designed to help students achieve the IELTS test scores they require to enter university.

Academic vocabulary and discourse

Using the Academic Word List we focus on building learners’ vocabulary range, while sessions on academic discourse help learners to recognise and use appropriate language for various functions within academic texts, e.g. contrasting, making claims, questioning validity.

Extended writing

Learners receive weekly input on the knowledge and skills required for researching and writing longer academic texts. There is a 4-weekly assessment for academic writing, supported by practice tests, weekly individual tutorials and feedback on drafts.

Extended speaking

Each week includes an extended talk or lecture which provides a model of effective presentation skills and gives further listening and note-taking practice. Weekly presentation tasks afford them the opportunity to practise with an audience. Each learner receives a weekly individual speaking skills tutorial.

Critical reading and seminar skills

Each week they are assigned a collaborative task that requires them to read and evaluate the arguments in an extended text, prepare a critical response and develop discussion questions for a
group seminar later in the week. Learners are supported by weekly training sessions on both critical reading and seminar skills.

English for social situations

Learners acquire functional language that allows them to integrate with other students and speak with confidence in a variety of social interactions (e.g. shopping, socialising, resolving problems).

Independent and group study

The programme includes four sessions each week in which they work on study tasks either independently, with study partners or in small groups. This provides an opportunity to review course work and apply new skills. The course tutors work with individual learners in two weekly 15 minute tutorials.

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Entry level:

Lower intermediate to advanced

Where is this course available?

We offer Springboard for Academia exclusively at Regent Brighton.