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The Aviation English Rater and Test Development Course develops participants’ skills in the context of testing aviation English. Each day is divided into five sessions with an opening plenary and five complementary sessions. Each specific session has a set focus to target participants’ needs precisely and the duration of lessons ensures lessons are fast-paced and clear objectives are achieved.

This is a closed group course and runs on demand in Oxford.

By the end of the one-week course participants will have:
• Understood and applied the ICAO English Language Proficiency Descriptors
• Raised their awareness of the key issues in language testing
• Developed their skills in assessing oral / aural language
• Attended off-site activities to further immerse themselves in aviation English
• Set clear and measurable targets for themselves and developed on-going learning strategies

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Rater and Test Development Course
09.00-10.00 Key issues
10.15-11.15 Rating tasks
11.30-12.30 Feedback & analysis
13.30-13-30 Lunch break
13.30-14.30 Test design
14.45-15.45 Workshop


Key Issues
This 1 hour session addresses the key issues and concepts in the context of aviation English assessment. 
Rating Tasks
The next 1 hour session of the day provides practice in rating according to the requirements of the ICAO language proficiency requirements. Participants apply the rating scale to speech samples of pilots and air traffic controllers from around the world. Participants develop their abilities to rate and discuss associated issues of security and administration.

Feedback & Analysis
Through feedback and analysis participants hone their skills and so develop their abilities to rate effectively and reliably both on the course and on an on-going basis.

Test Design 
This session focuses on test design, development and evaluation. Speaking and listening task types are analysed.

The workshop session provides an opportunity for further practice in required areas throughout the course.