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19 octubre 2017

World Teachers' Day at Regent Edinburgh

Thursday 5th October marked World Teacher’s Day. Usually this day provides an opportunity for students to celebrate their teachers and appreciate the hard work they do to help students succeed in their studies. At Regent Edinburgh we decided to do something a little different and wanted to give our students the chance to experience a day in the life of a teacher!

In class we asked the students to decide what they would teach and then focussed on language and skills useful for teaching, including describing how things work, giving instructions and how to check understanding.

All our students did a great job, but the highlight of the day was our student Ana leading the other students, the class teacher, academic manager and principal in a swing lindy hop dance class in our common room. Despite our nervousness Ana was a great teacher. Her mini lesson was well planned and she chose music that she thought we would enjoy. She coped really well when we weren’t managing a move and changed her plan accordingly. A good teacher should be flexible and adapt their lesson to their students and Ana did exactly that!

For the teachers and staff it was a really great reminder of how vulnerable it feels to be a beginner, how much repetition we need to master a new skill and how good it feels when you make some progress. The students improved their confidence when speaking to a group of people, and also enjoyed taking their turn to be the one with all the answers!

Take a look below at our videos from the day:

Ailsa Sheldon - Academic Manager at Regent Edinburgh


Posted by Ailsa Sheldon on 19 oct. 2017

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