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The London leisure program can include the following events


Event Description Estimated cost
Tour of the area A welcome tour to the local area with a teacher followed by drinks in a local cafe or bar Free
Tate Modern Visit the fantastic Tate Modern gallery to see the wonderful art work and displays with a teacher Free
Cultural walk An interesting and informative walking tour Free
West end musical Take advantage of the fact you are in the heart of London's West End with a fantastic musical trip. We get tickets to all the top shows including Chicago, The Lion King, Mamma Mia, Mary Poppins and more From £30
River trip Take a trip down the famous river Thames £5
Saturday trip to Cambridge All day tour with other students to the historic city of Cambridge From £45
Sunday trip to Stonehenge and Bath All day tour to the beautiful Roman city of Bath and a visit to the ancient site of Stonehenge  From £54

A weekly suggested leisure budget including a weekend excursion is £80-100.