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Specific online coaching in the IELTS exam with a personal tutor.

  • Practice exercises and drills.
  • Practice in spoken English.
  • Coaching in essay writing.
  • Practice exams under timed conditions.

One-to-one tuition allows the learner to target the areas which they need the most work on, including:

Exam Strategies  

Focus on the techniques required to excel in the exam. Dedicated tutors familiarise learners with the format of IELTS and marking criteria, helping to understand what to do for each section.

Exam Skills Practice

Review, practice and feedback. In this session the teacher gives the learner the chance to practise the exam techniques they have discussed, followed by guidance on how to improve the score.

The tutor sets study goals with the learner and monitors the learners progress to ensure that the student is in a position to achieve the required score in the exam.

Dates and time:

 Lessons are taught via Zoom, from Monday - Saturday, 09.00 - 18.00 GMT