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12 avril 2018

Geoff Hardy-Gould at the annual APPI conference

Geoff Hardy-Gould speaking at the recent Educational Leadership Conference in Oxford, UK.

At Regent our main focus is the educational success of our students. Geoff Hardy-Gould is Director of Education for Regent and has over 25 years experience as a teacher, academic manager and Principal giving him a unique perspective on the educational needs of our students.

On April 28th Geoff will give a talk at the 32nd annual APPI conference in Aveiro, Portugal on the importance of the quantity and quality of practice in helping students to develop.  He argues that natural ability in learning is often significantly overstated, by teachers as well as students.  Geoff will put forward the Regent approach to language learning which is that, fundamentally, we believe that every student can become a successful English language user, given the right circumstances. 

We aim to help students understand that they can set themselves ambitious goals, and with the support of their teacher, achieve these goals and more. Regent courses are intensive - meaning that students have a lot of interaction with the language.  In addition, we train our teachers to teach in an intensive way, with high levels of challenge, fast paced activities and with demands and push from the teacher.  Every Regent student also receives a weekly personal coaching session with their tutor to help them understand their progress and the strategies they can use to make their learning more effective. The tutor helps the student to see beyond the end of their course, and look towards their future life in English. To find out more about the importance of coaching in language learning, click here.

A Regent course is designed to boost self confidence and give students a positive attitude towards learning. We surround students with an academic atmosphere from the moment they arrive. Alongside our rigorous programmes we offer students morning plenaries, workshops and a varied and educationally focused cultural programme.

Download a PDF version of the persentation by clicking here. You can also download the presentation handout by clicking here.

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Posted by Kelly Knight on 12 avr. 2018

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