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30 octobre 2018

Daily plenaries at Regent Oxford

At Regent Oxford every day begins with the morning plenary. A chance for staff and students to share their knowledge, expertise and unique perspective. Each plenary is unique and is designed to help prepare students for a full day of learning.

Daily plenaries are also another chance for learning and social exchange, creating opportunities to practise English and inspire confidence in language use through speeches and teambuilding activities. They also create further opportunities for students to build their confidence using English. This daily event helps foster the sense of community and togetherness which is at the heart of the Regent Oxford experience. Take a look at some of our recent plenaries below:

The power of imagination

Maria kick-started the week with a superbly motivational plenary on the power of imagination as the key to success and achieving goals. 


Sensation and experience

Sheila stimulated our senses such as taste, sight, touch, smell and sound to help each student make every new experience their own unique one, embracing it to the fullest. Encouraging all our learners to enjoy every new experience.

The power of teamwork

A slightly unconventional plenary from Alex who brought everyone together to practise their English research and teamwork skills. His challenge was to make the best paper airplane to test in the garden. Congratulations to Francisco's group who succeeded in launching the plane an impressive 7 metres!