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gennaio 2018

IELTS preparation at Regent

30 gen 2018 by Kelly Knight

Our IELTS preparation programmes are built around a strong course structure that supports learning and guides progress. We also measure this clearly and visibly to highlight strengths, needs and objectives. Learners receive a great deal of support, not only from staff and teachers but also by the procedures both within and outside the course structure

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When studying a foreign language it’s easy to feel like you’re not making progress and it can be difficult to identify problem areas on your own. To combat this, we use personal coaching, alongside your English language lessons to help you to stay focused and achieve more than you thought possible.


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8 reasons to choose Bournemouth

4 gen 2018 by Kelly Knight

Bournemouth is on the south coast of the UK and is known as a great place to study with lots to do all year round. It's exciting and vibrant, with a huge choice of water sports and outdoor activities for everyone. With excellent restaurants, cafes and nightclubs there is always something lively going on.  Here are our top 8 reasons to choose Bournemouth:

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