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27 ottobre 2015

World Tourism Day

Tourism is important for many countries around the world as a source of wealth and job generation and also as a way to promote economic development. Our students in Edinburgh celebrated World Tourism Day by looking more deeply at tourism in Scotland.

Edinburgh is a busy tourist city which gave students at our Edinburgh school the perfect opportunity to explore the idea and importance of tourism. English is increasingly being used as an international language of communication, making travel across the globe easier and more accessible for those who speak English. Our students are able to use their English language skills to explore the different countries and cultures, speaking English to enhance their travels and their ability to communicate with people in many different countries. The ability to use English internationally as a tourist helps enrich our experiences and connect with people and cultures across the globe promoting global knowledge and understanding.

Students had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia and had a question and answer session with staff members about what it takes to keep the yacht operational and open to the public. Most people are only familiar with one aspect of tourism, but this excursion allowed our students to see the other side of tourism, the side which creates jobs and benefits the economic development of a country. This was a fantastic experience for all of our students, but for one student in particular who aspires to work for a tour company.

Students and teachers discussed the different kinds of tours different cultures enjoy and had a little laugh at a story about a student who took part in the Thai water fight festival, Songkran, and saw a bus load of tourists taking photos from the bus rather than getting off!

After taking in all the information and considering the different nationalities who might be on a tour, students created their very own walking tour of Edinburgh and delivered it on Friday!


Posted by Kelly Knight on 27 ott 2015

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